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St Helena Press

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St Helena Press
Vera Petrovic
Wasaga Beach, Ontario L9Z 1N3

705-443-9124 | phone

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St Helena Press

Where Faith Meets Life
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Be who God meant you to be and you will set the World on Fire!

”St. Catherine of Sienna”

The word catholic means universal. The Catholic Church is universal, spanning the globe. She is made up hundreds of millions unique, individuals contributing to a larger whole--the Body of Christ, and that Body works together to carry out Christ's mission on earth--social justice, service to the poor in mind, body and spirit and the spreading of the Gospel. Who we are is how we connect with God--uniquely and personally and with that connection we contribute to the whole. We are guided in our walk with God through the Church Her teachings and Her Sacraments all instituted by the Lord. We draw strength from our Communion with each other as God asks each of us to carry out His Will--that is ask not force. Our press wants good fiction that focuses on on the elements of both the uniqueness God created us with and our Communion with each other and the Church. We also sell fiction, and articles to remind us of our place in creation. Our business is currently in development. We look forward to serving God's people.


St. Helena, through devoted prayer and supplication you sought protection for all Christians. We ask now that you pray with us once again, not only for Christians, but for all people who are being crushed by tyrants and bereft of all dignity. Ask the Lord to bring peace, comfort, strength and dignity to them, that they may persevere against the crimes, abhorrent to the Lord, being committed in His Holy and Powerful Name.

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